Meets Meta is the first social networking metaverse built on the top of NFT Worlds ecosystem. Meets Meta is created by a Dubai based company of the same name, which builds web 2.0 tech products as https://themeetsapp.com/ and https://www.shisheo.com/ in partnership with the NFT Worlds Verified Builder and metaverse design company - Icy Studios. The first version of Meets Meta was to be apart of the 2.0 app - Meets App and offers its users a new and innovative way to meet and offers the users a place in the best metaverse ecosystem available – where they can have a conversation, fun, play games, attend exclusive parties, concerts and have a fully customized experience which no other app offers. After the first version of the Meets Metaverse was created the idea evolved into creating a more complex and Web 3.0 based metaverse project whilst developing the first social network metaverse which is built on the top of NFT Worlds, where not only Meets App have access, but the general public also. People, their pets and even aliens can get a passport in form of an NFT and become citizens of Meets City. People can not only become citizens but also own parts of the city. In the Meets Meta, people can play exciting games such as Spleef, Football, Kart races, PVP, sumo, shooters and more. You can also earn $WRLD tokens - the official token of the NFT Worlds ecosystem as well as being able to own and collect vehicles, custom cosmetics, wearables and even a piece of digital real estate. We will also have a fully opened market where they can trade their digital goods.

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