The access to the Meets Meta server will be granted solely and exclusively by owning a Meets Meta Passport - you also become a citizen of Meets Meta and a part of the Meets Meta Family.

Passport holders gain priority access to the Play to Earn games server and earn x1.5 times more $WRLD tokens from playing than standard players.

The Passports will be given in the form of an NFT though the minting process in 2 stages: whitelist exclusive minting and public minting:

  • Whitelist Mint – 7th May

  • Public Min – 8Th May

All Passport holders will be able to earn passive income from participating in staking.


  • Passport staking allows access to the server for 2 non holders, therefore meaning, you can bring 2 friends!

  • Staking your passport grants access to a second stream of passive income.

Passive Income

25% of the revenue generated from our InGame marketplace (Meets Meta Earnings) will be set aside and allocated for quarterly airdrops.

You therefore have the opportunity to become business partners with MeetsMeta by staking your passport, whilst we earn you earn. Whilst we scale this to a 8 figure business, our holders get 25% of that.

Total number of passes: 4 888.

Categories, rarity levels and number of passes:

  • Basic - 1955 passes

  • Normal - 1222 passes

  • Rare - 977 passes

  • Epic - 488 passes

  • Exclusive - 246 passes

Mint price:

  • Whitelist mint - 0.11 ETH

  • Public mint: - 0.16 ETH

Perks you get with each passport category:

  • Basic: access to the server, custom avatar airdrop.

  • Normal: access to the server and a car.

  • Rare: access to the server, a car and an apartment.

  • Epic: access to the server, a private jet, an exclusive apartment and whitelist to the next project.

  • Exclusive: access to the server, a private jet, a private villa and airdrop for the next project.

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