Meets City was built as the first part of the project, to give value and showcase what we are capable of doing before any minting or funds are raised via our community. We are giving people the opportunity to explore Meets City, play games, have fun and get a taster of the experience they can get in our community.

Meets is a modern city inspired by the Gulf city, Dubai and the lifestyle as well as architecture. Dubai is where the core team of Meets Meta is located, surrounded by beautiful buildings, chilled environment, luxury lifestyle, and most importantly passport holders will be able to own a part of this.

Besides the aesthetic aspects, Meets City also hosts a large variety of games where people can play, enjoy and earn $wrld. The number of accessible games will permanently increase and improve with time.

At the first stage of the Meets City we have access to the games: Football, Spleef, TNT Run, Sumo, Parkour, PVP Arena, Kart Racing.

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