MeetsMeta scholarship dApp was created especially for the MeetsMeta Passports NFT Collection holders and community members in order to create a real use case for the blockchain technology, to solve the problems of existing concepts, create a frictionless and trustless interaction between a holder or investor into an play-to-earn NFT project and a gamer or scholar that has the skills and time to play and earn from the games, and help the MeetsMeta Passport holder increase the value of their NFTs and earning to the maximum.

MeetsMeta Scholarship dApp for investors

Investing in the MeetsMeta passports NFT you get access to the MeetsMeta metaverse and the whole range of benefits the MeetsMeta passport holders get, including the access to play-to-earn games and increased rewards compared to simple players.

Using the MeetsMeta Scholarship dApp, as an investor you get access to a database of skilled players that are ready to play up to full-time from which you can choose to sponsor in order to play using your NFT and get all the benefits from the NFT, including increased rewards, and share with the scholar a specific percentage of the earning it makes.

This way the investors in the NFT can generate a passive income frictionless and trustless, excluding any middle-man from between, all the transactions being made using blockchain technology and smart contracts, the scholars getting access only to the NFT benefits and split the profit as agreed between both parts, and not getting access to the NFT itself, all the information about the investor, scholar, income distribution rates, period of sponsorship being carried by a smart contract.

Using the MeetsMeta Scholarship dApp as a gamer or scholar

If you are a skilled gamer and want to generate an income while playing fun games, in the MeetsMeta Metaverse you can earn a good income by playing playto-earn games.

With the MeetsMeta Scholarship Platform, you have access to our network of investors that are looking for skilled gamers to give access to the benefits of their NFTs on our platform to, to increased game rewards and a lot more benefits.

As a gamer you can apply to a scholarship, and an investor has access to see your real statistics from the games and choose if you are a good fit. If you get accepted as a scholar, you will get increased rewards, and the best thing is that you got all your incomes protected, it is frictionless and trustless, all the information and details are carried by blockchain technology and smart contracts, so you are 100% sure that you will get paid, as the payments are made automatically by our Scholarship dApp.

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