Meets Meta project roadmap will be divided into more stages. (Disclaimer: Meets Meta Roadmap can change and improved over the time as we are building the platform and achieve a higher level.)
Stage 1:
  • Launch the social media accounts and discord server.
  • Launch The Meets website.
  • Launch the private minting whitelist.
  • Launch the first access to the server for the first interaction with the city and the first mini-games.
  • Launch The Meets exclusive access key NFT.
  • Whitelist Private minting
  • Public minting.
  • Launch The Meets Meta server 2.0 with more games, activities integrated, server and games optimization.
  • Digital car snapshot.
  • Digital car airdrop.
  • Residential area launch.
  • Property snapshot.
  • Property airdrop.
  • Server 3.0 optimized.
  • First exclusive event.
  • Cosmetics and customization system launch including snapshot.
  • Exclusive on-server marketplace launch - Meets Meta marketplace on Opensea.
  • Exclusive collab with a celebrity (including wearables and collectibles).
Next stages - TBA