Few of our goals at Meets Meta are:

  • Create the first functional, complete and complex social networking metaverse.

  • Create a friendly, pleasant environment and ecosystem where people can enjoy an amazing time.

  • Create exciting play 2 earn games for our community where people can play their favorite games and earn $wrld tokens. Eventually with time, people will be able to make a good income whilst having fun playing games that can be found on Meets Meta, such as: football, spleef, tnt run, sumo, kart racing, pvp arena, shooters and more.

  • Give ownership to the public through an access passport in the form of an NFT, where the holders get exclusive access to all the Meets Meta city facilities and future projects.

  • Give more value to the passport holders by building a platform for them to own a piece of Meets City such as; an apartment, a private villa or mansion, a parcel of land or another form of digital real estate.

  • Giving more value to the Meets Meta passport holders by building a platform for them to own a digital asset in our metaverse in the form of a car, helicopters, private jets, motorcycles and more for holders to collect, use and trade.

  • Creating exclusive events in the Meets Metaverse for the holders.

  • Creating exclusive drops for collectibles in collaboration with celebrities and their brands, for the passport holders.

  • Giving real life facilities and benefits to the OG passport holders in the whole Meets Meta Group: Shisheo Lounge, Fit Box Gym, Meets App.

  • Acquiring and building 50 NFT Worlds (currently at 4) for the Meets Meta Community.

  • Building a solid platform and community around Meets Meta and developing together a metaverse empire.

  • Giving exclusive access for the passport holders to the future Meets Meta projects: Meets Exclusive Islands, Meets Land Parcels, Meets Pets, Meets Economy RPG, fantasy creatures project (Metamons or Magimons - TBA more soon).

  • Creating exclusive tournaments every season where holders can participate and win a very big prize.

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