Meets Meta chose NFT worlds as its main development platform and ecosystem (http://nftworlds.com) – which is the largest multi-metaverse platform in existence at this moment. Here we can build everything imaginable to the human brain – unlimited games, experiences, venues, concerts, community hangouts and more. Each world is its own fully flexible metaverse that's interconnected with other worlds in the NFT Worlds multimetaverse ecosystem.

  • NFT Worlds uses Minecraft as it’s game development engine.

  • Minecraft has 141 million active users.

Minecraft creative and development tools have been developed for the last 11 years by experienced designers and developers, giving limitless development opportunities for the game engine.

NFT Worlds has its own native token - $WRLD that is used to sustain the ecosystem, giving us the possibility to have in-game transactions, build play-to-earn games and have fast and gasless transactions.

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